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Movado Luxury Watch

Get Top Dollar for Your Movado Watch at Our Pawn Shop

Are you looking to sell your Movado watch and get the most money for it? Look no further than Lincoln Pawn Shop. We are a trusted and reputable pawn shop that specializes in buying and selling high-quality luxury watches, including Movado watches. Our team of experts has years of experience in the market and knows...


Income Tax Returns and Gold At Pawn Shop Is a Good Fit

How Do I Spend My 2022 Tax Refund? Many Americans look forward to their tax refunds and a CBS News article stated, “Millions of U.S. taxpayers could receive a shock when they see their 2023 tax refunds due to the expiration of many pandemic benefits that lawmakers had designed to help Americans.” The refunds will...

Engagement Ring Diamond White Gold

Engagement Rings Under 2000?

It’s that time of year, with Valentine’s Day coming up, that people are looking for engagement rings. To find engagement rings under 2000 would be a blessing. Diamond engagement rings, gold engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, and other engagement rings aren’t cheap. Pawn shops are a great resource when you are looking for a beautiful...