Tis the Season For Layaway at Lincoln Pawn Shop

Tis the season to be jolly, fala la la la, la la la la. Scottish composer Thomas Oliphant wrote the festive lyrics. The old Welsh song with all its grammar gusto or another Christmas song is what you will hear when you walk into Lincoln Pawn Shop in Anaheim, CA to select some luxury items to give for Christmas gifts.

Time is quickly moving forward, and there are eleven Fridays until Christmas. That is not much time to select and purchase the gifts you want to give others. Have you considered using a layaway program?

Lady Gaga sings Christmas Tree and carries a Louis Vuitton, Speedy 25. Maybe you are considering something similar for your girlfriend, wife, or mother. Lincoln Pawn Shop has pre-owned luxury handbags at an affordable price. By placing your purchase on layaway, you can have it paid for before the holiday, a little at a time.

There are windows filled with “Merry Christmas” yet or Christmas songs playing in the department stores, but if you walk into any department store, you can see that the holiday season is just around the corner. Christmas decorations, trees, and lights already filling the shelves. Once Halloween is finished, the holiday shopping season will go into full swing.

There are some people who would think the holiday season is filled with stress, too many family events, and rushing around trying to find the perfect gift. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The current political and economic atmosphere following the pandemic has created some real challenges, including the rising cost of fuel and goods, problems with delivery and supply chains, and employee shortages that may affect holiday shoppers.

Paychecks seem to shrink during this time and year, and shoppers will need to be creative to meet their gift giving ideas.

There are ways to shop for the holiday on a budget, while singing the grammatically incorrect song lyrics of Santa Claus is coming to town.

Online Shopping with Ease:

About 20% of all retail sales will come from online shopping and digital channels. Many big box stores and malls have closed, making shopping online an option for finding the gifts you want to give.

Businesses have moved to front door delivery, curb side pickups, and personal shoppers, creating a time advantage for consumers. Who’s kidding, who, with 76% of consumers, shop online smaller shops have had to revive their image and online presence.

Lincoln Pawn has a full inventory in their online store, waiting to have you pick a special gift for your loved one.

Layaway Program

Sales, Discounts, Niche Lists

With retailers all trying to sell something, some shops are decreasing their margin to encourage customers to buy from there. You may have received a text messages, an emails, and other engaging communication to offer you deals and discounts

These marketing campaigns work for the business, but also for the consumer if you shop wisely.

Linoln Pawn Shop is a trusted pawn shop that carries luxury items. Their prices are affordable, and they will work with Christmas shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for and at an affordable price. They understand that tis the season and are ready to make the lyrics of the song come true…to be jolly fa la la la, la la la la.

Plan Ahead, and if you have to wait, learn to sing the song lyrics…“I won’t ask for much this Christmas. I won’t even wish for snow. And I’m just gonna keep on waiting, underneath the mistletoe.” – from the song All I Want For Christmas is You

Planning ahead is important if you are planning on a certain gift for a special someone. There are “opt-in” opportunities to receive notifications when a particular item comes available. This will save you time and money by not making unnecessary trips to try and find the special gift you are looking for.

When you work with Lincoln Pawn Shop, you will meet one of their expert pawn brokers and set up a relationship so that you work with the pawn broker so you aren’t waiting on word of mouth or wishful thinking to find your gift. The team will notify you when an item comes in that will meet your need. Not gonna lie, it like having your own assigned personal shopper. It’s a great life hack!

Christmas Layaway Program

Lincoln Pawn Has Discounts, Opt In Options, and More to Help Save Money

Text blasts, campaigns, and emails create a transparent process between you, the consumer, and Lincoln Pawn Shop. They will keep you informed of any important information about the things you are shopping for. .Chatbots, automated text messages, and automated callbacks have made instant information possible, and they use these things to help their customers.

You can even speak with them about being part of an exclusive list if you want to stay informed about luxury watches, designer handbags, gold, silver, fine jewelry and more.

Layaway Program

Think About Lincoln Pawn Shops Lay Away Program – Tis the Season

Layaway Program Process

  • Select the item or items you want to purchase
  • Set up a layaway account with the pawnbroker
  • Pay a down payment according to the pawn shops layaway program
  • Establish a monthly due date and pay on time
  • Determine how long your items will be on layaway, so you get them in time to give
  • Lincoln Pawn will ensure your dreams come true on Christmas and New Year’s Eve by providing a program that helps you pay for your goods before you need them.

The layaway process is a simple, basic process, and sometimes pawn shops charge a cancellation fee or restocking fee, so make sure you understand the terms. Monthly payments can be as low as ten percent of the total purchase plus fees, and the payment varies depending on the items purchased. The layaway plan is for a specific amount of time, typically ten months, thus 10-10-10.

Lincoln Pawn shop tests, authenticates, and appraises items before they go out on the retail floor or into the shop’s online inventory. This way you can shop with confidence.

Setting up a layaway program and determining when the final payment is due will help you have special gifts set aside and paid for through small payments. It’s in one word, wonderful!

Layaway Program

Think about if you are setting up festivities for the holiday season, thinking about a Christmas carol to add to the caroling choices, worrying about funds, wondering why so many Christmas songs have strange English pronunciations, introductory clauses with grammar errors, or simply want to purchase a luxury gift like a diamond ring for an affordable price, visit Lincoln Pawn Shop and set up a layaway.