Where to Buy Black Gold Engagement Rings Near Me

You’ve decided to pop the question and want to find a black gold engagement ring. You were admiring a princess cut diamond in a 14k black gold setting. You love the look of the diamond black gold rings. But the question is where do you find engagement rings at an affordable price? Let alone find black gold rings?

The Durability of Black Gold Rings

When you first started looking at engagement rings, you researched the durability of black gold. In your research, you found that gold pendants and earrings last longer because they are not exposed to the elements continuously. They require less maintenance. Rings, on the other hand, may scratch or their plating may wear off.

Black Carbon Fiber

Pure gold is a soft metal, bendable, and scratches easily. In contrast, black carbon fiber is extremely strong and durable. It is heat-resistant, lightweight, and affordably priced. Black carbon fiber is combined with gold to increase durability, or with wood gran and resin to create unique pieces.

Black Titanium

Black titanium is affordable, lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t tarnish. t can’t be remade or resized, so it is important to remember if you are looking at wedding bands or rings. metal. It does scuff over time.

Titanium is one of the most popular jewelry materials.

Black Tungsten

Tungsten is a fragile material that shatters easily, making any tungsten jewelry pieces in our unique collection fragile. It can’t be remade once made, but is scratch resistant and holds its shine.

Black Gold Rings

There is no such metal as black gold. Black gold rings are made by using yellow gold and combining it with other metals like cobalt. A popular method for creating black gold is through a process known as electroplating. Yellow gold is plated with a rhodium or ruthenium. Over time, the plating wears off, and you can see the yellow gold underneath.

The colbart is combined with the yellow gold in a three-to-one ratio of gold to the second metal alloy.

Black gold can also be created through oxidation. Acid is added to the surface of yellow gold to turn it black. A drawback is that the process weakens the metals, and therefore, it isn’t the most desirable method.

Techonology has advanced and now laser applications can be used to create black gold. High energy levels can create microstructures that absorb light. This is known as using the femtosecond laser treatment to alter the gold to capture light instead of reflecting it. The process can be expensive.

What is it Worth?

Black gold is the same as yellow gold. Technology is used to change the color. Today, you can change gold into various colors, adding different alloys for different shades. The value is in the gold. 24k gold is the purest form of gold. It is yellow and bendable. The more yellow gold is contained in the engagement rings you are looking at, the more valuable the piece is.

Another thing that adds to the value of the black gold rings you are considering is the process used to make the gold a different color. For example, electroplates, oxidize, or femtosecond laser treatment are more costly.

Diamonds and gemstones add to the value of the rings you are considering. The piece with a quality diamond will be more valuable than a plain black gold piece.

There are other alloys added to gold to create different colors. White gold is achieved by adding nickel or zinc to 18k gold. Rhodium is often used to create the shiny appearance. Rose gold is made from 18k gold and copper, giving the jewelry piece a rosy appearance.

Engagement rings unique in appearance can be found in white gold, rose gold, and black gold. Add a diamond, and you may pave the road to a unique ring that others won’t have.

Checking the Autenticity of Black Gold

When you invest in a diamond, diamond engagement ring, black gold ring, rose gold ring, white gold ring, princess cut ring, a ring with a black diamond, or any other precious metals jewelry, you want to ensure the piece is authentic. A pawn shop will help you authenticate and value your precious metals and precious gemstones.

Pawn shops often have testing equipment, like an x-ray fluorescence technology tester or XRF precious metals tester, they can use to authenticate your pieces. The machine will measure the content of the gold and precious metals used in your jewelry piece.

Musical Instruments

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