Gold Ring Scams, Fake Jewelry, Gas Station Gold – Lincoln Pawn Knows the Difference

Fake gold bars, fake gold, fake gold chains, gas station gold, it is everywhere. Anaheim, California is no different. But, the experts at Lincoln Pawn Shop know the difference.

There are scams everywhere you look. Someone may come up to you in a gas station and try and convenience you to buy a gold ring or gold chain. No one wants to be one of the numerous victims of these thieves.

Lincoln Pawn Shop knows how to test gold to ensure it is genuine. They have precious metal testers and can also use acid test to see if a piece is real. The experts at the pawn shop are reputable dealers and want to help you get the money you need or purchase the item you want at a fair price.

Let’s Talk about Fake Gold

No one wants to be “fooled” into believing they are buying genuine gold jewelry from a gas station cruck.

Counterfeit gold, silver, gold bars, bullion, designer handbags, and luxury watches like Rolex are everywhere. Why? Because technology has helped fine-tune how fakes are made, counterfeiters are making money selling something as genuine when it isn’t.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Do Your Research

With Google Reviews, the ability to search businesses on the Better Business Bureau or other regulating sites, and social media, it is fairly easy and common to check the reputation of the dealer you decide to purchase your gold from. Take the time to research local pawn shops, read the reviews, and ask around.

When someone is approaching you in a parking lot or at one of the many gas stations, assume they need money. They aren’t trying to do you right. They are trying to make a quick buck.

This is not the case at Lincoln Pawn Shop. They have a 4.5/5 Google Review rating out of 50 and their customers tell you a lot about their store and employees.

Once satisfied customer wrote, “Sold some gold, never expected the amount they gave me. Very professional staff and kind. Very clean shop. Will definitely return if the need arises.”

When someone is trying to sell you gold in a parking lot, they have unrealistic prices and out-of-the-world discounts. There is nothing free in the world today.

Check the Pricing. If it is too good to be true, it is probably not true.

You can look at the spot price of any precious metal by searching for “spot price of gold today” in your web search bar. Pay attention to the price of the gold or any other precious metal you consider buying. Ask yourself why a troy ounce of gold at $1720.00 today would be sold for half that amount in a gas station lot? . Honest dealers are most likely to sell gold for a price above the spot, not below it.


Magnet Testing

You can test a piece of gold to determine if it is fake gold by a magnet test. Real gold is not magnetic. The magnet won’t stick to the gold bars if it does walk away.

Liquid Foundation Makeup

Did you know you can use some liquid foundation makeup and rub the gold against it on your skin? If it leaves a black streak, it is more than likely gold. Find a friend with anemia or low iron. The same will happen because the gold reacts to the blood’s hemoglobin. 

The makeup foundation and low iron tests are a bit extreme; what about finding an honest pawn shop like Lincoln Pawn Shop, which owns testing equipment? The testing is done while you wait.

Acid Test

You can do an acid test to determine if a piece of gold jewelry is genuine. Take the piece and scratch an acid rock. Cover the scratch with the liquid acid solution, and the scratch line should still be visible if the gold is real.


Many genuine pieces of gold jewelry, gold chains, and fine gold pieces are marked with a 14k, 18k, of 10k hallmark. These hallmarks were once a good indication if the jewelry, rings, or family heirlooms you were looking at were real. Today, these hallmarks are easily replicated and may not indicate if the piece is being sold by a scammer.

Don’t be fooled. Buy, sell, and pawn gold at a reputable dealer like Lincoln Pawn Shop.

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Genuine Gold Facts:

Gold Purity

Gold has different purity. All gold spot prices are based on gold being 99.9% pure.

24k gold is considered “pure” gold without traces of other metals. 24k gold is soft and bright yellow. It is mainly used in gold bars, bullion, and coins.

18k gold is 75% pure, 14k is 58.3% pure, and 10k is 41.7 pure.

The weight of gold is measured in troy ounces; however, its purity is measured in ‘carats.’ Since the spot price of gold is based on gold being 99.9% pure, the more other metals are in the gold, the less refined, the less it’s worth.

This is why it is important to understand how to spot or purchase fake gold bars. You don’t want to spend money on gold that isn’t real.

Spot Prices

Spot prices change daily and are based on the current market value of pure gold. Depending on what money you have to spend on gold, make sure you are buying gold that is real, not just a fake gold material.

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Lincoln Pawn Shop

Access to a reputable shop is important, so you aren’t taken by two men in a parking lot. If you need cash to get you through a tough time, and you have gold to sell, Lincoln Pawn can help. Lincoln Pawn Shop is aware of scammers and those walking the street to find a victim for their scam. They test the gold they buy, and you can be assured that the gold they sell is genuine.

Whether you are selling jewelry, have your eye on a gold chain, or looking for a solution to give you needed money, Lincoln Pawn Shop is the place ot visit.